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Julie Learner provides therapy to adults and children of all ages to achieve their best life possible. Powerful performance and life success don’t come easily; rather, they are a direct result of true commitment and hard work. While personal strength comes from within, it is the people around us—our community—who comprise the support system necessary to remind us that we are not alone on the journey. Julie helps people find the support they need—and for many people, having a guide on the journey can make all the difference.


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Julie Learner has been an integral part of the growth and maturity of my skaters.  She has provided them with the tools and resources to continue to grow personally and as athletes in order to fulfill their dreams.  Julie has such a way of helping athletes tune into the strengths that they sometimes find difficult to find on their own.  She is encouraging and motivating with such a keen understanding of the big picture.  Julie has the most endearing way of making athletes feel so proud of all of their hard work and accomplishments while still continuing to push their limits daily.  Skating and training wouldn’t be the same without Julie!

Trudy Olttmans | Figure Skating Coach

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