Julie Learner, LCSW


As a coach of competitive figure skaters, I have always had a deep appreciation for the importance of sport specific mental training. I created the T.A.P.S. program in an effort to better understand my athletes and the nuisances of each individual’s approach to performance. By integrating Julie, the program was enhanced not only by her vast experience and knowledge but also her passion for finding the key to each athlete’s success. Julie understands an athlete’s competitive demands and her warm and empathetic style allows her to truly help each one reach his/her potential. The athletes she works with are not just competing better, but training smarter, calmer, and with a greater sense of purpose. Julie is an absolute asset to our team!

Kori Ade | Olympic, National, and International Coach

Julie’s program has made me a much better competitor. Before I began working with her, I had a tendency to break under pressure. Her exercises have allowed me to grow and mature as a competitor and a person.

Jordan Moeller | National and International Competitive Skater

The mental aspect of any sport is so crucial and through the weekly work I do with Julie, I’ve become a much stronger competitor as well as overall athlete and person in my everyday life! The 2013-14 Olympic Season was such a mental, physical, and emotional challenge, but with sports therapy I was able to track my growth, really learn and talk through my experiences, and always find the bright side in every situation. I could not have made it to the olympics without Julie’s unbelievable help and hourly talks! I’ve had the privilege of working with Julie for the past 4 years and through those past years, I’ve gone from dreading competition day to loving the entire experience! I truly have Julie to thank.

Jason Brown | Olympic Bronze Medalist, US National Silver Medalist, National and International Competitive Skater

I went to Julie because I had a developing eating disorder. Julie has a warm, motherly tone that helps me feel extremely comfortable with her. I know that I can tell Julie anything and she will not judge me. I know that Julie is always just a text away and she is always very receptive to talking with me whether or not we are in a session. Julie has worked with me to help me face any obstacles I come across and has made me a healthier, and more confident young woman.

17 Year Old High School Girl

I am a father of two young children who’s mom passed away unexpectedly when they were 3 years old and just shy of 1 year old. Shortly after my wife’s passing I began meeting with Julie Learner on a regular basis. My children were introduced to Julie as well. In fact they were excited to go see “Ms. Julie” each time. I do not know where we would have been without Julie Learner along our grief journey. Julie Learner was able to help me with my loss as well as the children, but even more importantly, she helped me help the the children with their loss in the long run. There is not enough I could say about how much Julie has helped our family, but I do know without Julie, this grief journey would have been much more difficult. Julie has made a lasting impact on the three of us and I continue to use things she has taught me in order to deal with our “new normal”.

Father of 2 Young Children

Julie’s work with my students gives them a competitive edge. She is a great team player, and her assistance with my skaters’ mental training not only allows them to attain better focus and drive, but also helps me as a coach to do my job more effectively.

Elaine Zayak | World and US Champion, Olympian, and National and International Coach

Working with Julie is truly an honor and a pleasure. She has created an atmosphere of such acceptance, encouragement and challenge it has allowed me to both move through times of crisis and on to profound personal growth and empowerment. She has risen to my challenges as her client as I have risen to hers as my therapist. She is deeply insightful and always helps me see things in new ways. I consider myself extremely fortunate to be working with her as my therapist and as a fellow traveller on the path of life.

Adult Woman with Chronic Illness

A friend referred me to Julie when I shared my concerns that my 16 year old daughter had an eating disorder.From the first telephone conversation with Julie, I could feel her warmth, empathy and great understanding for teenage girls and their mothers. Although initially hesitant, my daughter met with Julie. In the very first session she opened up to Julie and they got to work. She too felt the warmth, safety and wisdom that makes Julie such a wonderful therapist. Julie has an amazing way of relating to my daughter that puts her at ease and builds a great deal of trust between them. She has helped my daughter learn to have a healthy attitude towards food. I can’t say enough good things about Julie. She has given my daughter tools that help her deal with her stress that she will use for the rest of her life. I believe I can safely say my daughter considers her a friend, confidant and mentor. She is a wonderful person and we are blessed to have found her.


Julie’s intuitive and comforting style of interaction with athletes is inspiring. Using a down-to-earth approach Julie is able to help young athletes discover the answers that lie within them, and help them take responsibility for future successes that are on the way, but haven’t arrived yet. I’m a big fan of her work!

David Benzel | Founder, Growing Champions for Life

Julie Learner has been an integral part of the growth and maturity of my skaters.  She has provided them with the tools and resources to continue to grow personally and as athletes in order to fulfill their dreams.  Julie has such a way of helping athletes tune into the strengths that they sometimes find difficult to find on their own.  She is encouraging and motivating with such a keen understanding of the big picture.  Julie has the most endearing way of making athletes feel so proud of all of their hard work and accomplishments while still continuing to push their limits daily.  Skating and training wouldn’t be the same without Julie!

Trudy Olttmans | Figure Skating Coach


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