Imagination is a huge part of training. Without the ability to see a dream, to distinguish the path, to feel the gate of the journey, there is no way to climb to the heights of one’s passions. “Manifest” is something that I very much believe in. We need to breathe life into experiences, and actually feel their truth, before we can walk our way to our destination.

I ran the Chicago Marathon in October 2002. At the end of my training, I consulted with a dear friend and brilliant healer, Kurt Hill, about whether actually running this race after so many miles of training would be healthy and productive for my body, as I felt like it was really taking a lot out of me. Kurt’s response was this: “Julie, you have already run that race a million times. You are standing on the finish line right now, waiting for the rest of you to get there!” I think of what Kurt said to me that day every time I talk to an athlete, take a long run, practice skating, or set out to reach any goal that I set out to reach. Dream big and dream fully! Let your imagination SOAR!!!!!!

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