Try not. Do or do not do. There is no try. – Yoda

Have you ever thought,  I will try! Of course you have. Everyone thinks that sometimes. You will do your best, right? Give it a spin and see what happens. But what does this word TRY really mean? To try seems to me to be an opportunity to give yourself a way out. Trying means that you are open to the possibility of giving up. I would like to suggest a different way to think about this.

I am not talking about winning. Winning is great! But in actuality, the part of the process that truly enables you to shine is the hard work you put in. I am talking about the commitment to real effort, regardless of the outcome. Your journey will have days when things are headed upward and days when it is dark. The path will always have those dips and turns. It is the attention to moving forward that makes you a winner. The real hero is the one who can get up after a fall and keep going.

By the time you arrive at your competition, game, or life event, you need to realize that you have already won. Just by having the tenacity to stay on the long road, you have made a commitment to grow and expand your world in whatever way you wish. Forget about trying and commit to doing the work. That way, no matter what happens, you will be a real champion.

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