Why Mental Training

Mental training???? As if the physical training isn’t enough, why do you need to do more?! After hours of grueling training, cross training, yoga, stretching, icing sore muscles and all the other physical stuff necessary to be the athlete you want to be, it turns out that the part of your body you may be neglecting is your mind. Training consciously, watching your thoughts and feelings as you move, will change the game entirely. And as it turns out, mental training will just make it all easier.

The mind body connection cannot be ignored. Not only does what you eat for breakfast affect the energy output you have for the day, but consider what is running through your head as equally powerful. To train large, you can’t afford to leave your mind vacant, obsess about unimportant things, or feel intensely angry at anyone or anything. Proper focus on what you are doing will accommodate the most essential element of proper training: BEING IN THE MOMENT.

This makes it clear that cleaning out the attic of your mind is not just for athletes. If you want to overcome anxiety or depression, lose 50 pounds, or get your best score on your ACT possible, all of these activities require tough consistent and laser focused attention on a mental level. Why mental training? Because your mind and your body are not disconnected but are ONE!

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